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Monday – Saturday: 7am to 7pm
Sunday: 9am to 7pm ***Until further notice*** Updated 20th March 2020


03 8842 9277

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Store History

The original Cannings store, Sam opened Cannings Hawthorn in 2010 after seeing local desire for high quality, high welfare meat. For a while, Cannings Hawthorn was meant to be the only store - but as the offering grew so did the demand, until expansion became inevitable. These days Hawthorn is run by manager Matt and his small but formidable team of butchers and front-of-house staff.


Matthew Oltoumis

Matty has a big exuberant personality and a lust for life. Charged with managing Hawthorn – the original store – he runs a tight ship and keeps it quintessentially Cannings. He’s a gentleman captain – commanding unprecedented respect from his team.