2x Barramundi Steaks


Out of stock | 400g * * Additional options are available

 Sustainably freshwater farmed barramundi from Spring Creek in sunny North Queensland.

Your choice of plain fillets or homemade Greek marinade with fresh garlic, herbs and lemon. Your two barramundi steaks will weigh a minimum of 400g and come to you in a bag with approximately 1 - 2 days shelf life.

Medium hot BBQ or pan. Melt tallow or butter on cooking surface. Place barra skin side up and fry for about five minutes before flipping to skin side down. Then fry for further four minutes before gently opening up one piece and assessing the doneness of the barra.

ALLERGENS: (Greek marinade) Garlic 

Gluten free.

Clean, antibiotic and growth hormone free fish from healthy, happy and well looked after Barra.

Greek Marinade: rosemary, lemon, garlic, oregano, salt, pepper, olive oil, canola oil. 

Allergens: Garlic.



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