Chicken Skewers


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Delicious cubes of lean marinated chicken in variety of delicious flavours, pick your favorite ones.

Choose from mild peanut satay, zesty lemon pepper, sweet Japanese Yakitori BBQ or honey pepper.

Our chicken is certified free range, antibiotic and growth hormone free. 

Gluten Free

ALLERGENS: Peanut, Milk, Soy, Onion, Garlic.


Peanut Satay Ingredients: Free range chicken, sugar, peanuts (20%), spices, salt, coconut milk powder (coconut milk solids, maltodextrin, sodium caseinate, milk derivatives), dehydrated vegetables (contains onion), tomato powder, natural colours (Tumeric and Paprika Oleoresins), Vegetable Gum (Xanthan). ALLERGENS:  Peanut, Milk Products, Onion. Gluten Free

Yakitori: Free range chicken, Sugar, Soy Sauce Powder [Soy Sauce (Soybeans, Salt), Maltodextrin, Salt], Spices [Pepper (5%) Dehydrated Vegetables (Contains Onion), Salt, Vegetable Powders, Natural Flavour, Vegetable Gums (Guar, Xanthan), Vinegar Powder, Natural Colours (Caramel 1, Paprika & Turmeric Oleoresins), Smoke Flavour, Spice Extract. Chilli. ALLERGENS: Soy, Onion.

Lemon Pepper: Free range chicken, Maltodextrin, Salt, Dehydrated Vegetables [Garlic 10%], (contains Niacin, Iron, Thiamine, Riboflavin, Folic Acid), Herbs and spices (pepper (2.5%)) Sugar, Food acid (citric acid), Vegetable gums (Xanthan, Guar), Onion Powder, natural Lemon Flavour, Natural Colours (Paprika & Tumeric Oleoresins) ALLERGENS: Garlic, Onion. Gluten free.

 Honey Pepper: Free range chicken, sugar, honey powder (16%), [maltodextrin , honey], salt, black pepper (5%), natural flavours, natural colours (Caramel I, Paprika Oleoserin), vegetable powder, vegetable gums (Xanthan, Guar), food acid (citric acid), smoke flavour. ALLERGENS: Onion.


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