Pork Eye Fillet


In stock | 450g | Fast cooking time

Eye fillets can be sliced for stir-fry, diced for curry, or baked. Best when marinated and undercooked a little bit. If baking, cook for no longer than 20 minutes at 180C. If pan frying, 4 minutes each side on a medium heat.

The most tender and versatile cut of pork! These eye fillets will come to you vacuum sealed with approximately 10 days shelf life weighing minimum 400g. Allow 200 - 300g of meat per adult.

Our pork is certified free range by APIQ - which is the 'gold standard' in free range pork certification. They are farmed with love and respect in the South Western plains of Victoria and the Darling Downs, Queensland.

Clean, antibiotic and growth hormone free meat from healthy, happy and well looked after animals.


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