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Know Your Butcher

I love and respect animals, so it was an easy decision of mine to sell free range produce only. Some people think that’s strange – a butcher who cares about animal welfare – but I don’t get that. It’s the way it should be. I believe that ethically farmed meat is the only honest and fair option. Meat should be savoured and appreciated. Animals should be be treated with compassion and respect.

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  • Drought causing lamb prices to go up

    Droughts are causing a big price increase in the Australian meat industry, our meat comes mostly from the affected areas, to keep supporting our local farmers and to bring you the best quality products: you’ll see an increase on some prices in our stores.

  • Record drought affects farmers and animals alike

    Many parts of Australia are currently experiencing a very serious drought. As fodder becomes harder for farmers to source and afford, many are being forced to slaughter or sell their herd. 

  • Herb and Garlic Butterflied Chook

    One of our best seller and Sam’s favourite dish, we wanted to share with you! Perfect to surprise dad on his day.