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Know Your Butcher

I love and respect animals, so it was an easy decision of mine to sell free range produce only. Some people think that’s strange – a butcher who cares about animal welfare – but I don’t get that. It’s the way it should be. I believe that ethically farmed meat is the only honest and fair option. Meat should be savoured and appreciated. Animals should be be treated with compassion and respect.

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  • Pork Belly with Perfect Crackling

    Also known as pork rinds in USA or chicharrón in Latin America, this is a versatile method of cooking pork belly. Once cut in little pieces it’s easy to serve with vegetables, in a baguette as Vietnamese bahn mi or in tacos Mexican-style. Be as creative as you want!

  • White Spot Disease

    White Spot Disease is a viral disease affecting decapod crustaceans – which include; prawns, crabs, yabbies and lobsters – and it’s pretty contagious. In recent months, it’s been sweeping through Australian prawn populations – particularly in parts of Queensland.

  • Veal Saltimbocca

    Italian for ‘jumps in the mouth’ this is a dish popular in Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Greece. Simple yet decadent, Saltimbocca is perfect as an appetiser for dinner parties, or eaten like tapas with drinks.