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Our 30-Day aged Rib-Eyes have been getting a lot of attention recently – attracting something of a cult following. We’re very lucky to have access to Tasmania’s Cape Grim Beef, which comes from some of the most pristine pastures in the world. Starting with a good product in dry-ageing means ending up with a great one.

Butcher Sam Canning hand-picks the richest, most marbled racks of beef to go into the dry-ager and undergo the ageing process. Beef fed and finished on 100% grass yields a noticeably better dry-age product with a stronger flavour and nice healthy deposits of naturally occurring fat. The beef is placed in our specially engineered, Italian made dry-age cabinet where the air-flow, temperature and humidity conditions are carefully set and monitored for the 30 day period.

At the end of the month our master butchers pull out the racks and cut away the dried exterior, revealing the beautifully matured piece of meat within. The result is a cut where the collagen has broken down to leave an unbelievable tender piece of meat with a refined, robust flavour .

When we say these rib-eyes are popular we aren’t kidding, they get snapped up like there’s no tomorrow – so if you want to unleash your inner beef connoisseur we urge you to pre-order, which you can do at any of our stores, over the phone, or online.

Watch the video below.