Pork Belly with Perfect Crackling

Also known as pork rinds in USA or chicharrón in Latin America, this is a versatile method of cooking pork belly. Once cut in little pieces it’s easy to serve with vegetables, in a baguette as Vietnamese bahn mi or in tacos Mexican-style. Be as creative as you want!


White Spot Disease

White Spot Disease is a viral disease affecting decapod crustaceans – which include; prawns, crabs, yabbies and lobsters – and it’s pretty contagious. In recent months, it’s been sweeping through Australian prawn populations – particularly in parts of Queensland.


Veal Saltimbocca

Italian for ‘jumps in the mouth’ this is a dish popular in Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Greece. Simple yet decadent, Saltimbocca is perfect as an appetiser for dinner parties, or eaten like tapas with drinks.


Our partnership with RSPCA Victoria!

The Victorian arm of Australia’s biggest Animal Welfare advocacy group, RSPCA Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation who fight to preserve animal welfare in all it’s forms. This daunting and often thankless task relies on volunteer work, and community contributions for over 90% of their funding…

Pork Eye Fillet

Stuffed Pork Eye Fillet

Rainy days are the best weather to open your oven for this beautiful Mediterranean inspired dish. Pork eye fillet is one of the most tender parts of the pig and this is the perfect way to enhance its flavour. This recipe is quick and easy but will amaze anyone who tries it.


Bœuf bourguignon

A traditional Sunday dish from the Burgundy region of France that combines both the heritage of beef and red wine from the region. Beef bourguignon is one of many examples of peasant dishes being slowly refined into haute cuisine. Be creative and enjoy this dish on a cold Wintery day, near a cozy fire.


Milk from Happy Cows

Located just outside of Shepparton in Wunghnu, Victoria is a little farm called How Now Dairy. The meagre size of the farm is important, as we’ll soon learn. Run by Cathy Palmer, How Now and its herd of ‘happy cows’ are swimming against the current when it comes to dairy production in Australia…


Did you know: We’re Carbon Neutral?

Running a business can chew through a lot of resources. And at a butcher shop, with machinery, and refrigeration going all the time, energy consumption is an unavoidable necessity. We wanted to tackle that energy consumption head-on and work to reduce it’s environmental impact.


Why we went cashless

We’ve been cashless for 3 years now and haven’t looked back, but every now and then we get asked the question: why don’t we accept cash? We made the switch for a number of reasons, but chief among them was something that’s of the utmost importance when selling food: hygiene.


Handmade Christmas Puddings from Pud

We’re welcoming back ‘Pud for all Seasons’ Christmas Puddings this year. They’re the best puddings we could get our hands on and they’re made right here in Victoria. No preservatives, no additives, just good old fashioned rich dark gooey puddings!