Drought causing lamb prices to go up

Droughts are causing a big price increase in the Australian meat industry, our meat comes mostly from the affected areas, to keep supporting our local farmers and to bring you the best quality products: you’ll see an increase on some prices in our stores.

Record drought affects farmers and animals alike

Many parts of Australia are currently experiencing a very serious drought. As fodder becomes harder for farmers to source and afford, many are being forced to slaughter or sell their herd. 

Herb and Garlic Butterflied Chook

One of our best seller and Sam’s favourite dish, we wanted to share with you! Perfect to surprise dad on his day.

Waste: A problem that involves everyone

We’ve all heard about disposable plastic waste and how big companies are phasing out single-use plastic bags but are they the only problems with waste we’re facing in Australia?

Our Pick: Totally Pickled

Have you ever wondered where we get our delicious Cannings sauces from? Wonder no more! We had a chat with Sue from Totally Pickled to learn more about her story, her business and her food philosophy.

Pulled Pork Buns With Apple Sauce

A classic in a lot of countries but here’s our way of doing this delicious dish. Try it and tell us if you like it!

Duck à l’orange

Duck à l’orange is a traditional French dish and maybe one of the most popular ones; where the duck is slowly roasted with delicious fresh oranges. A must for cold weather!

5 Immune Boosting Foods For Cold & Flu Season

Flu season is upon us! No one likes getting sick, so here are 5 immune boosting foods to keep you feeling your best this cold and flu season.

Hungarian Bean & Ham Soup

Traditionally called ‘Csülkös Bableves’ in Hungarian, this is a thick and tasty soup – rich in protein and good fats -perfect for a cold winter night!

Our Pick: Tassie Tallow

We’re always on the hunt for the best free range produce to put on our shelves and on your plate. In recent times we set our sights on finding animal fat that would suit the Cannings selection criteria and we’ve found it!