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What Makes Cannings Burwood So Special? A Lot!

A Look Inside Cannings Burwood At Burwood Brickworks!

As you may already know, we opened a very exciting new store at the end of 2019 - Cannings Burwood! Cannings Burwood is located at the Burwood Brickworks Shopping Centre on 70 Middleborough Road, Burwood. We are so proud of all of our stores, but there are a few things that make Burwood extra special that we wanted to share with you!

You may have heard some of the buzz about Burwood Brickworks prior to opening, which has been designed in consultation with eco-activist Joost Bakker to be 'the world's most sustainable shopping centre'. As part of this mission, Burwood Brickworks aims to become one of a small number of buildings worldwide to achieve certification under the Living Building Challenge. To give you an idea of how challenging this can be, it's worth noting that there are only 23 other buildings with this certification, and this would be the first certified retail development! A few of the conditions of the certification include a net zero carbon footprint, construction using non-toxic and recycled materials and meeting an Urban Agriculture imperative - pretty impressive! 

One of the first things you'll notice when you walk into Brickworks is the amount of natural light - there are windows everywhere around here! Burwood Brickworks is all about energy efficiency, so as well as having loads of natural light, they also power the centre on renewable energy (which is handy, because this is something we do at many of our other stores too!). The centre is made from as much recycled material as possible, including reclaimed bricks from the brickworks that used to operate on the site. With trees and plants growing all over the place, including a wall of citrus trees on the north side of the building, this is definitely the greenest (pun intended) shopping centre you will visit (by the way, our plants are real too!).

At Burwood Brickworks, we also have some pretty amazing neighbours! One of the real standouts is, of course, the Acre Farm Eatery and their 2000 square metre rooftop farm, which provides fresh produce to their cafe and restaurant. We are all about conscious consumption and knowing where your food comes from, so it's very exciting to share a space with like minded businesses!

So, now you know what's different about this amazing shopping centre, but what's different at Cannings Burwood compared to our other stores? We had a think about this and the honest answer is... not that much! We have the same ethically sourced, high welfare, free range produce, the same amazing friendly staff (you guys may recognise our manager Dave from Ivanhoe and Toorak!), the same initiatives to reduce and recycle our waste, the same commitment to using renewable energy, the same commitment to keeping all of our locations carbon neutral via carbon offsetting. 

One exciting difference worth mentioning is our much wider range of seafood at Cannings Burwood. Our team work closely with the folks at Good Fish Project to make sure they are only sourcing sustainable seafood. As part of this, Cannings is committed to stocking only fish from the amber or green sections of the GFP's Sustainable Seafood Guide - no red fish here! We are also very excited to have a dry ager at Burwood, meaning we'll now be offering grass fed, dry aged beef at both Kew and Burwood! Yay!

There's so much to take in at this amazing shopping centre, so you can definitely just pop by for your grocery shop, or make a whole day of it! We hope to see you at Cannings Burwood soon!!