An update...

An update from Cannings

Yes. It's starting to feel a bit weird out there. There's no denying that the concern in the air is palpable. What does it all mean? What is going to happen? Are we going to run out of meat? Are businesses going to be forced to close? None of us really know for sure, but I would like to believe that no matter how severe the situation, staple food and grocery businesses will most likely be able to trade because people need to eat! At least that's what common sense tells me. Rest assured, Cannings share your concerns. Like you, we also have families that we want to protect. We're scrubbing our hands. We're sanitising everything that gets touched multiple times a day. We have contingency plans in place. We are remaining vigilant and agile, making changes to our business on a daily basis to suit our customers' needs and concerns and will continue to do so in order to minimise disruption or risk to our customers, our staff and our business as a whole. 
At some stage during this 'experience' we may fall short-staffed but we'll do everything within our control to satisfy your culinary needs with integrity, professionalism and honesty. Please don't forget that local businesses will continue to need your support. The economy as a whole desperately needs this. None of us really know where this is going but the optimist in me would like to believe that it won't be as bad as we're all fearing in the back of our minds. May good food continue to feed our souls, bring us all together and make us happy!!!