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Our Favourite Cuts Of Lamb To Throw On The BBQ This Spring!

Our Favourite Cuts Of Lamb To Throw On The BBQ This Spring!

All lamb is good lamb, as far as we're concerned, but when it comes to BBQing we definitely have our favourites.


1. Lamb Cutlets

Lamb cutlets - arguably the best cut of lamb, period. They're tender, have just the right amount of fat, and even have a built in handle for easy eating! These are so so good on the BBQ. Whether you have them plain or spice things up with a marinade, you can't go wrong with a lamb cutlet.


2. Lamb Chump Chops

Lamb chump chops are great for the BBQ and are also a more affordable option if you want a bit more bang for your buck! Compared to cutlets, this is a slightly less tender cut so leave chump chops on the BBQ for a bit longer - this way they'll be extra crispy (and delicious).


3. Lamb Midloin Chops

Similar to chump chops, these are an awesome cut to leave on a bit longer. The fat on the outside of this cut is awesome when it gets crispy, yum!


4. Lamb Skewers

This one might seem obvious, but we had to include lamb skewers on our list. Literally made for BBQing, these are a must for a Spring BBQ.


5. Lamb Riblets

Marinate this cut overnight and cook them low and slow on the BBQ - the more time you can give them, the better, as they need a bit of extra time to break down and get tender. Awesome with our rosemary and mint marinade!