Our Pick: Bimbadeen Free Range Eggs

Over the past few months we’ve been courting Bimbadeen Phillip Island trying to figure out a way to stock their eggs at Cannings stores. Quite simply – Bimbadeen’s eggs are the best we’ve ever tried.
Our Pick: Bimbadeen Free Range Eggs

Back to Basics

We are so proud to stock Bimbadeen Free Range Eggs from beautiful Phillip Island here at Cannings. Quite simply – Bimbadeen’s eggs are the best we’ve ever tried. And when you see the environment they come from it becomes abundantly clear why.

After the first 2 days on the farm (when they are most vulnerable and in need of a controlled environment) Bimbadeen’s Isa breed hens have 24hr access to the outdoors. Because Phillip Island is isolated and free from ground predators – Bimbadeen’s hens enjoy an unprecedented freedom to roam and forage in this beautiful part of the world.

Family Owned

The farm is family-run and has been for decades. Over that time, it’s developed a great level of renown for its innovative environmental practices – practices which have won them both State and National awards.

They invite transparency and honesty to such an extent that their farm is dotted with holiday accommodation where members of the public can stay and they also conduct regular tours. If you google Bimbadeen the first results are for accommodation booking. They’re truly an exemplary farm, so they’d be remiss to not show it off!

Bimbadeen is comprised of 340 acres of pristine farmland – host to all manner of beautiful beasts – from cattle to alpacas, and geese to bees – it’s quite the menagerie. But it was the hens and their eggs that caught our attention.

Dictated by Nature

If you’ve ever wondered how conventional egg shells and yolks get to be such a uniform size and colour – this is actually down to the grading of pigments and standardisation of feed. The first thing you notice with Bimbadeen eggs is that they are different shades – from yolk to shell – these are natural variations and a good indicator that the hens are really free ranging and eating a varied foraging diet. Over Victoria’s (occasionally extreme) seasons this variance is observable in Bimbadeen’s eggs as different seasonal nutrients wax and wane.

Birds of a Feather

We're thrilled to keep seeing such like-minded producers come out of the woodwork who share our ethos – and so close-by too. Low food miles is important at the best of times – but with eggs – that takes on a special significance. Less transport means less chance of cracking shells and the inevitable wastage. To facilitate Cannings partnering with them, Bimbadeen raised a flock specially, that have their own caravan and their own paddock – just to stock Cannings stores. How’s that for special treatment! Bimbadeen pass the CLUCK AR App with flying colours too. Developed by consumer watchdog Choice, the CLUCK AR app lets you scan egg cartons to see just how ‘free range’ they are. The app says that Bimbadeen “might be chook paradise” – stating that the stocking density low enough that bugs thrive in the grasses and these chickens live the lives we imagine when we think ‘free range’. Read more about the app here, available free on the App store.

Buy Eggs or Stay at Bimbadeen.

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