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Our Pick: Mount Zero Olive Oil

Our Pick: Mount Zero Olive Oil

If you've tried our Greek Marinade before, you'll know that it's pretty delicious (if we do say so ourselves). Made in-house, we use a mix of olive oil, fresh herbs, garlic, lemon and pepper. Recently we were pondering - what would take this to the next level? And the answer is: Mount Zero Olive Oil!

Who are Mount Zero?

Mount Zero is a family owned olive grove about three hours out of Melbourne, on the northern edge of The Grampians. Planted in 1953, it's one of the oldest olive groves in Australia!

What makes Mount Zero Olive Oil special?

Mount Zero practice a biodynamic farming model, certified by the Demeter International Certification. The grove is self-sustaining in its farming
practices – the trees are fed directly from the soil humus rather than chemical inputs- and energy supply is sourced from off-grid wind and solar generators. This passion and commitment to sustainable farming is not only impressive, but is a labour of love that you can taste in the quality of the product. 

Mount Zero's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is cold pressed within around 2 hours of harvest to ensure the optimum flavour integrity of the essential oil is maintained. The level of care and attention that goes into the pressing process with Mount Zero means that not only are you getting the best flavour, but the maximum health benefits are also retained in the final product. 

All of this is what makes us so excited to be using Mount Zero Olive Oil wherever olive oil is needed in our home made marinades! This means even more delicious Barra Parcels, Greek Lamb Backstraps and Salmon, Herb Crusted Pork Cutlets, and more! We hope you guys love the switch as much as we do - happy eating!


All images courtesy of Mount Zero