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Spag Bol Sausage: The Road So Far

Spag Bol Sausage: The Road So Far

It started with a dream; to create the perfect snag…

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If you listen to the radio, you may have heard Jase and PJ of KIIS101.1’s ‘Society Sausage’ adventures this past week or two. For the uninitiated, Jase and PJ (two of Melbourne’s most hilarious radio hosts) have been on a journey of discovery in the last two weeks - a journey of the sausage variety. 


After buying a home sausage maker and cranking out some kooky flavour combos (think butter chicken and Nutella pancake - respectively!), they were ready to hit the big time… sort of. This, the people’s snag, had to be done right. Their first step was deciding on the flavour. The Society Snag hotline’s switchboard lit up day and night (probably) with calls from the public, and finally two contenders emerged - the cheeseburger sausage and the spaghetti bolognese sausage. After a tight race, Melbourne’s great sausage democracy crowned a champion… the Spag Bol Sausage! And that’s where we come in. 


Jase and PJ knew that to bring the Spag Bol Sausage to the people, they’d need to enlist the help of experts. That’s why they called in a true snag master - Paul, the manager of our very own Cannings Kew. With three decades of snag experience under his belt, it’s safe to say that Paul knows a thing or two about making the perfect sausage. At the Cannings Kew sausage dojo, under the watchful eye of butcher Paul, Jase and PJ made the first official Spaghetti Bolognese Sausage!!



Now, we thought it was pretty good, but when it comes to bolognese, there’s one judge whose vote counts a little more: Nonna. That’s why Jase and PJ called in bolognese expert Nonna Maria to do a bit of taste testing. After some notes from Nonna, it was back to the drawing board to perfect The People’s Snag. 

After some tireless tasting work from the team at Cannings, we were ready to unveil the Spag Bol Sausage’s final form. But would Nonna give the green light? 


Where will the Society Sausage journey take us next? Tune in to our Instagram @canningsbutchers and Jase and PJ 6 - 9am weekdays on KIIS 101.1FM to stay up to date with all the latest developments!

UPDATE 21/10/19: For those of you keeping up with Jase & PJ on the radio and via social media, it's been a whirlwind week!

Last week, low on snags and high on spag bol Jase had a brainwave: put the final Spag Bol Sausage on eBay and let the people of Melbourne battle it out for the ultimate sausage. And what a battle it was. With a highest bid of $20,300, one thing was clear - the people wanted their Snag Bol. 

With this in mind, Jase and PJ came back to us with a new concept; instead of one sausage for everyone, what about just... sausages for everyone? 

So, if you want a chance to snag your very own batch of Spag Bol Sausages, delivered by Nonna, Jase, PJ and the gang, follow the link below to enter. We're making 3,000!!!


UPDATE 29/10/19: We have had a huge week of Spaghetti Bolognese Snags here at Cannings. After more days of taste testing, refining, and perfecting we were ready to unveil the Snag Bol's final final form to the people of Melbourne. The lucky winners were drawn, the armoured van was booked in (to protect this precious cargo), and finally Jase and PJ set out to bring the People's Sausage to Melbourne on Saturday 26th October (a.k.a. Sausage Day). The results were amazing. 

AND GUESS WHAT! The Spag Bol Snag was so beloved by the people of Melbourne that we thought everyone should get a chance to try it. That's right, SNAG BOL IS HERE TO STAY! For a limited time Cannings Kew will be selling the Spaghetti Bolognese sausage in-store, so run in and grab yourself a pack while stocks last, or shop them online here!
UPDATE 30/10: We've officially sold out in-store at Kew but are making another batch, available this Friday at Cannings Kew (1/11)!! You can also order online right now, for delivery or pickup (from Friday onwards) here!





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