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St. Bernard's

St. Bernard's Free Range Pork


Update: As of 16th April, 2019, Cannings has moved to Borrowdale Free Range Pork as its exclusive pork supplier.

We have some exciting news to announce! Cannings officially has a new pork supplier; St. Bernard’s Free Range Pork. Below is some info about St. Bernard’s - where they’re based, what they do and why we made the switch.

  • St. Bernard’s are a Free Range Pork Farm in the Northern Grampians Region of Victoria:
  • They are APIQ(1) Certified which means their animals are raised under the best possible free-ranging conditions, including:
○ Free access to the outdoors and shelter
○ Freedom to express natural behaviours
○ No surgical intervention (like teeth clipping)
○ Free access to feed and water
○ No hormones or growth promoting antibiotics
  • The pigs are of the Large White Landrace breed. A breed that is common in Australian free range pig farming and has genetics that produces a favourable fat content.
  • They live on a foraging diet, which is supplemented by a nutrient-rich grain.
  • The climate and geography of the Northern Grampians are well-suited to pig farming - not too hot, not too drought affected.


What’s the difference between St. Bernard’s and Borrowdale?(2)

Very little. The core characteristics of St. Bernard’s Pork and Borrowdale Pork are identical. Same breed, same APIQ certification, same farm environment.

So why the change?

In short; St. Bernard’s are closer. We had been happy to ship Borrowdale Pork from QLD because of its welfare and product quality - but recently St. Bernard’s have achieved an output that satisfies our need, allowing us to drastically reduce the food miles on our pork.



1) APIQ - ‘Australian Pork Industry Quality Assurance Program’ are Australia’s best provider of free range pork certifications.

2) Borrowdale Free Range Pork was Cannings’ former Pork Supplier.



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