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Insights From Sam Canning: Recent Supplier Farm Visits

As you may already know, from time to time, I like to jump in the car and go visit our suppliers and their farms. Sometimes, I tour the processing facilities (abattoirs) also. This is something I have done from the very early days of Cannings. Without this due diligence, I could never be entirely certain of a supplier or where their values lie. 

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Burwood Brickworks: OFFICIALLY the world’s most sustainable shopping centre!!

Have you heard the news? Burwood Brickworks is now Living Building Challenge Certified! What does that mean? It means that Burwood Brickworks is OFFICIALLY the world’s most sustainable shopping centre (and the first retail centre in the world to achieve this certification)!! We are so proud to have a Cannings shop in the world leading Burwood Brickworks Centre, and we thought this momentous occasion would be a great opportunity to remind you about what makes Cannings Burwood and the Burwood Brickworks Centre special. 

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Sustainable Seafood

Cannings strives to source its seafood from only the most sustainability-minded suppliers in Australia & New Zealand. It’s no secret that seafood is a dwindling resource so we only choose species and production methods approved by the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s Sustainability guide.

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Feedlots in Australia

You may have heard a bit about the feedlot vs. pasture fed cattle debate over the years. There's a lot of info floating around out there, but unfortunately a lot of it is specific to North America, which can have a slightly different farming model to Australian farms. If you've been left wondering "what exactly is a feedlot in Australia", read on!

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