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Spag Bol Sausage: The Road So Far

If you listen to the radio, you may have heard Jase and PJ of KIIS101.1’s ‘Society Sausage’ adventures this past week or two. For the uninitiated, Jase and PJ (two of Melbourne’s most hilarious radio hosts) have been on a journey of discovery in the last two weeks - a journey of the sausage variety. 

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Our Pick: Spring Creek Barramundi

Learn a bit more about our beautiful Aussie Barra from Spring Creek in the Whitsundays Region of Queensland. Ethically and sustainably farmed by a passionate team of Aussie aquaculturists, this is some of the best barra Australia has to offer!

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Condiment-to-be: Our favourite ways to jazz up a BBQ snag!

We all know that sauce is an essential component of any good BBQ snag, but when it comes to which condiments to use, it can be controversial to stray from good old tomato sauce. They say variety is the spice of life, so we’re doing the hard yards for you and testing out some of our favourite Cannings condiments as sausage toppings! 

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Insights From Sam Canning: Father's Day

When in conversation with people, I'm often asked if my Dad was a butcher or if butchery runs in the family. I guess people ask this because they wonder HOW or WHY people become butchers, or, because people figure that I'm quite young to be where I am in business. Although the reality is that I'm 38 now and I've been in the meat industry for 20 years, working tirelessly towards my ever-evolving vision. And no, my father wasn't a butcher... he was a marketing executive.

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Insights from Sam Canning - Role Models

As a young apprentice, I never spent a lot of time under the direct instruction of my employer, Mick. When he was able to give me 5 minutes of his time, I remember valuing that time immensely...

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