Glazing and...

Glazing and Storing a Ham

Glazing your Ham
- Preheat your oven to 140°C
- Cut through the skin around the shank (you want to leave the skin on this)
- Get your thumb under the ham skin, between the fat, and remove the skin
- Once ham has been skinned, score the fat in a diamond criss-cross pattern, about 5mm deep
- Stud the centers of the diamonds with cloves
- Place in large baking dish and cover the ham in your Cannings glaze (use half the jar)
- Bake the ham for 1 hour and 20 minutes and brush with the remaining glaze every 20 mins

Just before the ham goes in the oven, you can place sliced oranges (or pineapples) and glaze cherries over the ham and fix in place using toothpicks.

Storing your Ham
If there’s the possibility of not eating all of your ham in one go, you shouldn’t slice all of it at once. Just cut as you go. This way your ham will last until early to mid-January providing you keep it in your fridge, wrapped in a ham bag or dry tea towel. Whatever you do, don’t cover the ham in glad wrap. It won’t last as long. Your ham needs to breathe!