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4 serves

Prep Time: 2 hrs (or optional overnight marinate)

Cooking Time: 2.5-5 hrs





Place the casserole cubes in a bowl, add the thyme, bay leaves and pour the wine until they are fully covered. Cover and marinate overnight – or at least for a couple of hours to allow the wine to infuse.

When the beef is almost done marinating, sauté the onions and the garlic until transparent in a deep pot with a dash of olive oil.

Take the casserole cubes out of wine and set the wine aside. Toss the beef in with the onions and cook on a medium-to-high heat, continuously stirring, until they start to go a brownish colour on the outside – this should take a couple of minutes – the darker they get the richer your finished dish will taste (just be careful and don’t burn them!).

Pour the red wine, thyme and bay leaf mixture into the dish and, using a wooden spoon the liquid will help scrub the bottom of the pot to dislodge all the flavours left out crusted there. Add the carrot now and cook covered for at least 2 hours on very low heat.*  

Check the pot from time to time and make sure it isn’t sticking to the base – add some water if necessary. I always leave them a bit longer to make sure the casserole cubes are really tender. You know your bœuf bourguignon is ready when your casserole cubes are falling apart – just pinch them with a fork to check.

And voilà! There you have a simple and delicious traditional French stew ready to eat.

You can serve it with a side of rice or on it’s own or be as creative as you want with the sides. For more flavour, you can always eat it the day -or up to 3 days- after as it improves with time.


Suggested wine: Cabernet


*If you intend to cook this dish for longer, add the carrots about halfway through your proposed cooking time.