We are carbon neutral.

We all have to do our bit when it comes to carbon emissions, recycling and the rest of the environment. Ever since we opened our doors back in 2010, we have come across many ways to minimise the negative environmental effects of running a busy retail business.


We recycle everything we can

All of our cardboard, hard plastics and organic (fat and bone) waste all get recycled. The carbon emission from the breakdown of soft plastics, polystyrene and general waste, which equates to 6 tonnes annually, is abated by carbon offsets.

We’ve chosen to stock only local produce

We’ve searched high and low and found the best suppliers possible for Cannings. With lamb from Koallah Vic, chicken from Bendigo, pork from The Darling Downs in QLD and beef from Tasmania, we can proudly say that all our meat is from quality Australian suppliers, minimizing ‘food miles’ and supporting Australian industry.

We’re carbon neutral

It’s a good feeling, to know that we are doing everything within our power to minimise our environmental impact. We have chosen to offset all of our unavoidable carbon emissions by purchasing Biodiverse Reforestation Carbon Offsets (BRCOs). These offsets will be allocated to the Preston Waters Project in Western Australia, which is situated within Carbon Neutral’s long term vision for the the Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor. Since 2012 we have sequested 278 tonnes of carbon emissions through native tree planting programs, offsetting our carbon footprint. Our certification can be viewed here, and our Greenhouse Gas Inventory Report (PDS) can be viewed here. The tree planting which takes place to offset our emissions also helps repair salt affected land, reduce water and wind erosion, and creates habitat for endangered species and rare flora. YAY!!

We’re minimizing the use of plastics

We no longer use plastic carry bags or polystyrene trays. In place of these, we use biodegradable produce rolls (freezer bags) and paper carry bags. While the production of paper bags generates some carbon, these paper products are not made from petroleum, are 100% recyclable or biodegradable and are sourced from sustainable supplies certified by the FSC. We offset the emissions from the manufacture and transport of this paper, which equates to 1 ton of CO2-e annually. The offsets include emissions from the production and transport of the plastic bags we use.