Waste: A problem that involves everyone

We’ve all heard about disposable plastic waste and how big companies are phasing out single-use plastic bags but are they the only problems with waste we’re facing in Australia?

Our Pick: Totally Pickled

Have you ever wondered where we get our delicious Cannings sauces from? Wonder no more! We had a chat with Sue from Totally Pickled to learn more about her story, her business and her food philosophy.

5 Immune Boosting Foods For Cold & Flu Season

Flu season is upon us! No one likes getting sick, so here are 5 immune boosting foods to keep you feeling your best this cold and flu season.

Our Pick: Ziwi Peak

We’re super excited to welcome a new supplier to the Cannings family – Ziwi Peak; a company whose love and compassion for pets extends to how they source the meat for our four-legged friends.

cannings butcher

Our Pick: Uncle’s Smallgoods

Over the years, we’ve tried to perfect our smallgoods and while we have winning recipes for our ham, bacon and smoked turkey – continental smallgoods like kabanas and frankfurts have always remained elusive…

King salmon swim left

Our Pick: Ora King Salmon

Ora King may be a familiar name to you – but you’ve probably seen it gracing fine-dining menus – not shop windows. Ora King are a premium producer and only approach a handful of retailers who are guaranteed to do their salmon justice. In October this year they approached us about being our primary supplier of salmon.

free range chicken

Our pick: Bimbadeen Free Range Eggs

Over the past few months we’ve been courting Bimbadeen Phillip Island trying to figure out a way to stock their eggs at Cannings stores. Quite simply – Bimbadeen’s eggs are the best we’ve ever tried. And when you see the environment they come it becomes abundantly clear why.

The Story Behind the School

Sam sat down with WeTeachMe to discuss the rationale behind the Cannings School of Butchery. Part culinary adventure, part voyage into the belly of the beast, the curriculum was developed to give members of the public unprecedented access to see what goes behind the scenes at Cannings and gain a deeper understanding of where meat comes from. 

Our partnership with RSPCA Victoria!

The Victorian arm of Australia’s biggest Animal Welfare advocacy group, RSPCA Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation who fight to preserve animal welfare in all it’s forms. This daunting and often thankless task relies on volunteer work, and community contributions for over 90% of their funding…

Milk from Happy Cows

Located just outside of Shepparton in Wunghnu, Victoria is a little farm called How Now Dairy. The meagre size of the farm is important, as we’ll soon learn. Run by Cathy Palmer, How Now and its herd of ‘happy cows’ are swimming against the current when it comes to dairy production in Australia…