Drought causing lamb prices to go up

Droughts are causing a big price increase in the Australian meat industry, our meat comes mostly from the affected areas, to keep supporting our local farmers and to bring you the best quality products: you’ll see an increase on some prices in our stores.

Record drought affects farmers and animals alike

Many parts of Australia are currently experiencing a very serious drought. As fodder becomes harder for farmers to source and afford, many are being forced to slaughter or sell their herd. 

White Spot Disease Free Prawns

White Spot Disease is a viral disease affecting decapod crustaceans – which include; prawns, crabs, yabbies and lobsters – and it’s pretty contagious. In recent months, it’s been sweeping through Australian prawn populations – particularly in parts of Queensland.

Free Range Egg Legislation

Every day Australians consume around 12 million eggs. More than 40% of those eggs are sold with a ‘Free Range’ label…

Antibiotics in the meat industry isn’t good for anyone.

In April this year, the World Health Organisation, a global public health agency operating under the UN, issued a warning to the world about the future of antibiotics. The details of the statement were alarming to say the least. In essence, what it says is –  our over-use of antibiotics needs to be re-evaluated because of … Continue reading Antibiotics in the meat industry isn’t good for anyone.