Premium Dry Aged Beef Melbourne

Genuine, free range, 100% grass fed dry aged beef from 36-month old Cape Grimm cattle. Orders are not essential but recommended, as stock usually requires a 30-day lead time to produce. This is a top-end, sustainably farmed, humanely treated, premium product that will not fail to amaze.

Highest Quality Dry Aged Steak in Melbourne

We love dry aged beef. It brings such a rich and robust, beefy flavour to the surface that wet ageing does not. Under the perfect conditions, a piece of beef will mature in around 28 days. We use the rib eye for most of our aged steaks. The rib eye has a great protective layer of fat and bone which locks in all the flavours while the ageing process draws out unnecessary moisture (water) from the meat. Over time, natural enzymes act to break down muscle protein strands in to smaller pieces, resulting in a full flavoured, very tender, smooth textured joint of dry aged beef, with delightful notes of sweetness and very slight fermentation.

Dry aged beef