Premium Free Range Butchers, Melbourne

Bringing the people of Melbourne some of the finest grass fed beef, grass fed lamb, free range pork, free range chicken, free range turkey, and the freshest sustainable seafood that Australia has to offer. Our premium produce is sourced from farmers who adhere to some of the best farming practices and are therefore able to supply clean, delicious, well-treated produce without you having to worry about how it got to your plate. Visit one of our immaculately presented butcher shop fronts today and see what we are trying to achieve.

100% Free Range Butcher Shop

Canning’s free range butchers believe that high welfare, free range produce is the only honest and fair option. Our commitment to sourcing happy and healthy free range produce is one small step closer to our even bigger commitment of ending the industrialised, profit driven practices of factory farming. All our suppliers put the animal’s quality of life first to ensure your meat is free from, nasty additives, stress inducing environments and to ensure the highest standards of animal welfare are met. Once this is taken care of the rest naturally follows.

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