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The Hock is a cut of pork from the leg – a joint between the main/upper part of the leg and the trotter. It’s essentially the top of the ankle, which is why it has the distinctive triangular shape. We get our free range hocks from Borrowdale Pork in QLD, the same supplier that we source all our pork from.

To make our smoked Hocks we first separate them from the rest of the leg (which will be made into ham). They are then submerged in a brine to cure. The brine is a liquid with a mix of salt and sugar in it used for preserving and flavouring. The Hocks remain like this for a period of 7 days.

Hock1Once they’ve cured the Hocks are placed in our smoking oven and cooked for 5 1/2 hours. The oven goes through a series of cycles – first being the initial cook, followed by the smoke – which gives the Hocks their unmistakable flavour.



For smoking we use German Beech Wood Chips. We like Beech because it’s a versatile, mild wood that produces a delicate smokey flavour.




Once they’re done they come out of the oven to cool and are finally cryovacced individually to trap in all the goodness!




Ham Hocks are ideal for braising and use in soups because of their richness of flavour. More elaborate uses appear in Chinese, Bavarian and Polish cuisines.