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It’s a new year and our first exciting announcement for 2016 is Cannings is stocking brand-new lamb! Thanks to ‘Great Southern’ we can now source the very best lamb from across Victoria and surrounding regions.

Great Southern was founded two-and-a-half years ago in Australia’s South East and presented an opportunity for farmers to unite under a progressive code of practice that mixes natural free-range farming with processing methods that are predicated on high animal welfare and food safety standards.

GS Lamb
The lamb is hand-picked from lush pastures that dot the land between the Great Southern Ocean to the Great Dividing range – sheep country at its finest! And of course, the lamb is 100% grass-fed, free range and free from added hormones, growth promotants and antibiotics.

Unified under the JBS Farm Assurance Program – these farms produce succulent, flavoursome lamb of the highest quality at the highest level of consistency – year-round.

Great Southern share in Cannings’ mission to care deeply about what they do – with attention to detail, professionalism and respect. We can’t wait to share this lamb with you!


Watch the Video Below.

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