Cannings is about people. As a business we can think of no better to investment. Put simply, Cannings wouldn’t be what it is today without the ideas, hard work and vibrancy brought to the table by our team. Everything we do behind the scenes is built on a foundation of collaboration, humour and a shared sense of purpose. Below are some of the key players.

  • Paul is the much-trusted manager of our Kew store – the biggest and most diverse Cannings location. With 30 years butchering experience, Paul manages his team of butchers, production staff, counter service team and cleaners with humour and pragmatism.

    Paul Barrett

    Kew Store Manager

  • Matty has a big exuberant personality and a lust for life. Charged with managing Hawthorn – the original store – he runs a tight ship and keeps it quintessentially Cannings. He’s a gentleman captain – commanding unprecedented respect from his team.

    Matthew Oltoumis

    Hawthorn Store Manager

  • AJ is the Cannings wunderkind. Taking control of the Malvern store in early 2017 he’s guided it from success to success. Andrew runs it with a genuine care and attention to detail that makes the little shop shine.

    Andrew Janes

    Malvern Store Manager

  • Dave is our Ivanhoe manager and a gentle giant. He’s been butchering for 17 years and is always obliging with any requests thrown his way. If you attend one of our School of Butchery classes you might get to learn a thing or two from him.

    David Robinson

    Ivanhoe Store Manager

  • Formerly South Yarra manager, Aron is now helming our Tooronga store. A dab hand at making good impressions Aron is a steadfast mainstay of the Cannings avant garde.

    Aron Turner

    Tooronga Store Manager

  • Know Your Butchers

    A true Cannings Veteran – Tony has been with us almost from day one. With more experience under his belt than the rest of us combined, Tony’s cut, cooked and eaten everything we sell. If you need tried-and-true advice – ask him!

    Tony Fitt

    Rotating Head Butcher

  • You’ve probably spotted Tim in the Cannings van. He manages all inter-store transfers in the refrigerated vehicle, and also delivers to over 70 homes across Melbourne every week. Our online customers look forward to the visit from Tim as much as receiving their meat!

    Tim Hakins


  • Jamie has been with Cannings since 2015 and in that time – has kept bills (and staff paid) like clock-work. With a background in HR, and years of accounting experience, Jamie is a irreplaceable addition to the HQ team.

    Jamie Sleeman

    Accounts Manager

  • Kelsey joined Cannings in 2015 doing Human Resources Management and then moved into the Accounting sphere. With 6 locations, Kelsey’s work on the books and keeping bills paid is invaluable.

    Kelsey Canning


  • Lorena joined Cannings in 2016 at Malvern where she demonstrated a strong acumen and extensive food knowledge. The good work didn’t go unnoticed, and now she puts her degree in Marketing to good use at HQ, working on Marketing, Business Development and PR.

    Lorena Duranthon


  • Joseph started managing the Online Store in Kew, then moved through a rostering role to Human Resources Management and also works closely with Sam, Lorena and Simon on Marketing projects.

    Joseph Lynch

    Human Resources

  • Simon started at Hawthorn in 2014 before managing Kew and Malvern. He knows Cannings back-to-front and now is in charge of making sure we’re all up to standards of presentation, food hygiene and safety. He’s the bridge between the big-picture and day-to-day operations.

    Simon Boileau

    Group Manager

  • Sam has been owner, founder, director of Cannings since its inception in 2010. He is synonymous with the brand, and since launching the HQ office to administer the multiple Cannings locations he focuses on big-picture projects and has his eyes set squarely on the future.

    Learn more about Sam »

    Sam Canning

    Founder And Managing Director