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At Cannings, we’re always trying to expand our range, so we’re super excited to unveil our brand-new wine cellar on the retail floor at Kew – the “Cannings Cellar”. We understand that premium quality meats should be enjoyed with premium quality wine, which is why we’ve teamed up with sommeliers to hand-pick wines that are not only great to drink solo but also ideal for pairing with food.

We’re proud to support local industries – sourcing our produce from Victoria and broader Australia – so it’s serendipitous that Yarra Valley Wine-Country is virtually in our back-yard. The Yarra Valley hosts what are arguably Australia’s best vineyards and in recent decades has produced wines of world class quality. A combination of soil fertility, altitude and climate make the Yarra Valley a pristine environment for wine grapes to thrive in.

We’ve selected 10 varieties across 3 renowned brands; Yering Station, Rob Dolan and Medhurst,  that range from premium – for special occasions, to the more affordable – for enjoying with a simple dinner. The choices stretch across the spectrum from a light Pinot Gris through to a deep Shiraz (and even a Sparkling Cuvee for celebrating!).

Everyone has a wine that they gravitate to as their drink of choice, but when pairing with food there are a few rules of thumb that will create the best experience. When you drink and eat, there are chemical interactions that occur between compounds in the food and the wine – some of these interactions are pleasant, others, not so much. An easy starting point for wine-pairing is to match colours. If you’re eating seafood or poultry – pair with a White or lighter wine. The sweet crispness and acidity of a white complements leaner meats that are seasoned with salt, green herbs and citrus. Conversely if you’re eating red meats which are rich and fatty, the heightened tannin content in Reds create a favourable counter-balance to the lipids – they bring out the best in each-other. The boldness of Red can work with darker, more intense spices too, like pepper, chilli and anise. Other favourable combinations can result from pairing Acidic with Salty, Sweet with Salty, or Acidic with Acidic.

All that being said, the best thing to do is come and grab one and experiment (responsibly!) to find which wine will best complement your favourite dishes. As always, we thrive on feedback so let us know which wines you like the most or if there’s a variety we don’t stock, but should.

Currently we are only stocking wines at our Kew store (due mostly to space restrictions) and online for home delivery. We also operate under a “Butcher’s Licence to sell alcohol exemption” which limits the sale to 2 bottles (or 1.5 litres) per person, per day.