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We’ve searched far and wide for a Milk that we could feel good about drinking. It’s hard to find dairy products that are both high quality and high welfare. With Barambah Organics we’ve found just that. Not only are their products Certified Organic but they come from cows that are 80% grass-fed, which these days, is hard to find.

Barambah is a small Australian owned company based in South-East QLD. They are supplied by just two farms in the region, and the farmers always get a fair price for their milk.

This milk is un-homogenised and deliciously sweet-tasting – good enough to drink on its own! And the pure cream is naturally thick and fluffy without the need for added thickeners. These cows have a balanced diet and live in a low-stress pasture environment, and you can taste it.

Most importantly for us, Barambah is an ethical producer. Unlike the vast majority of the dairy industry, Barambah do not send their male calves into the veal industry. Typically, “Bobby Calves” as they are known, would be immediately separated from their mothers and used for milk-fed veal. This is highly traumatic for the cows and puts them under excessive stress. This is why you should choose your dairy wisely and always opt for grass-fed veal.

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