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While most of our meat is Paleo-friendly to begin with, Cannings has sourced and developed some products that cut straight to the core of the Paleo ethos – this means reviving some cuts of meat that have gone overlooked and under-appreciated. We’ve tried to source Paleo products with a wide array of uses – ranging from cooking fats like Grass Fed Beef Tallow, to a grain-free Paleo Muesli.

One product we’re really proud of is our Paleo Sausage which is made using minced Beef, herbs, and spices in a natural hog-casing – that’s it. No grains, no preservatives! They’re delicious and have a great texture.


Our Paleo Bacon is the same – just free range Pork, salt and spices. It’s made using a dry curing process without the use of nitrates.

We also stock a Paleo Beef mince which has a higher, more naturally occurring fat ratio and is fortified with Beef Liver (we keep it frozen in 1kg bags and sell it in store and online). For making broths we have Free Range Chicken Carcasses, Grass-fed Beef Chuck and Beef Marrow bones – all of which yield a rich clear stock when boiled. If you really want to give your body a boost, you can take advantage of our offal; grass fed Lamb Kidneys and Lamb’s Fry, grass fed Calves Liver and Hearts and Livers from clean, antibiotic and hormone-free Chickens.

In addition to our raw materials, we’ve scoured Australia for the best Paleo products like Love & Bones Broth, Broth of Life Dehydrated Bone Broths and Paleo Pure’s Paleo Muesli.