First thing’s first. We do not sell organic meat. That is our niche. At Cannings, our emphasis is on animal welfare and clean natural farming practices. Organic is all of these, but with organic certification. However, certification is a very expensive process, which doesn’t guarantee a higher standard of animal welfare. We feel that ethically farmed meat should be eaten by everybody – not just those who can afford organic.

At Cannings, when you choose fish for dinner, you can rest assured it is local and sustainable. Not it threat of being over fished, or farmed using sustainable processes.

About Free Range

Just Like Organic

Our selected free range animals are free from growth hormones, antibiotics and are not genetically modified. They are clean and healthy animals from some of the best producers in Victoria and Tasmania.

Did You Know?

The majority of Australian beef (and the world’s beef) is either grain supplemented or completely grain fed, which means time spent in a feedlot. BUT NOT OUR BEEF! We only stock 100% pasture fed beef and lamb from Victoria and Tasmania, that have never spent time in a feedlot. Don’t forget – grass fed beef is better for you. Click here

Free Range Means…

That for no period of time, the animal has been confined to a cage, pen, stall, crate or feed lot. It means that they are free to express natural behaviour, in a natural environment.

A Feed Lot Is…

A farm that is divided into many sections, where the cattle or sheep are fed grain and water until they reach slaughtering weight. The benefit for farmers is that they reach this weight much quicker in a feedlot as there is less space to move around, more cattle per square meter and it’s much cheaper to produce. Because cows in feedlots are crowded, they are more likely to become sick, and more likely to be given routine antibiotics and growth hormones.