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The cold snap has struck Melbourne and what better time to unveil our home-made Broths!

At a time of year that everyone seems to have a cold, it’s good to boost your immune system in any and every way you can. We’ve been on the bone-broth bandwagon for a while now but it’s only just occurred to us that we had everything we needed to make the freshest-of-the-fresh broth right here at Cannings.  We’re producing 2 flavours; Beef and Chicken –  both are mixed with fresh veggies and herbs to make our signature blend. For the beef we use only 100% grass fed beef bones. This is important because bone marrow is where vital minerals and amino acids are collected and stored, if the animal isn’t healthy and fed on a natural diet – these compounds will be less abundant. The same goes for our chicken – which forage in grasses for grubs and seeds – enriching their diet and contributing to healthy bone growth. 

The broths are slowly simmered for 24 hours to make sure every ounce of goodness has been extracted. We then strain the bones and veggies out and are left with an aromatic, golden elixir. Drinking bone broth is widely regarded as contributing to the health of your bones, joints and skin – while also playing a part in the healing process. 

You’ll be pleased to know we only use limited salt (Himalayan) and no preservatives.

You can use these broths like a stock in soups and casseroles – but honestly – we just like drinking them straight up. It’s a really nice alternative to coffee on icy winter mornings.

Both flavours are available for purchase online: Beef and Chicken