Free Range Pork

Certified free range pork from the South Western plains of Victoria and the Darling Downs region of Queensland. These pigs are of the breed “Large White Cross Landrace” and are compassionately raised under strict APIQ guidelines. This is high welfare farming at its best.
Cannings ensures that its Pork is always certified free range. Due to the nature of raising pigs, intensive or factory farming is much more prevalent and widespread – welfare protections exist to ensure the production of pork is done humanely by those who subscribe.
The farms are maintained to meet the pigs’ specific needs. Their environment is complete with features that allow the pigs to express their natural behaviours; – they can wallow and forage to their hearts content. For protection from the elements at night they have access to insulated huts, replete with deep straw bedding.

Cannings Pork suppliers are accredited by APIQ  – understanding that happy, stress-free animals produce the best meat.

The APIQ accreditation means that the pigs are not subjected to some of the surgical interventions that are conducted on factory farmed animals. They are also bred and raised without confinement – free from stalls and farrowing crates.

APIQ is an industry on-farm quality assurance system that ensures the pigs have access to food and water throughout their life-cycle.

Around 70 per cent of the Ham and Bacon consumed in Australia is imported from overseas – countries like Canada, the USA and Denmark – where high-volume pork production is heavily subsidised. So we feel very privileged to have found high-welfare producers on Australian soil that place heavy emphasis on the well-being of their animals.