Grass Fed Beef

Grazed only on the lushest pastures of Tasmania and Victoria. This naturally raised and grass fed beef will never fail to impress in both flavour profile and tenderness.

In the South-Eastern regions of Australia there is reliable rainfall year-round and temperate climate. Frequent rains mean lush verdant pastures. The predominantly British breeds of cow sourced by Cannings absolutely thrive in this environment. All animals benefit from eating diets that they are biologically predisposed to consume. For large ruminants like cows, this means grass. Never confined to feedlots or sheds, these cattle are free to roam pastures for the entirety of their lives.

Hand-picked from a handful of farms across Tasmania and Victoria, Cannings beef is produced without the use of growth promoting hormones or antibiotics. The idyllic nature of their conditions means that these interventions simply aren’t needed to aid growth.

It’s also worth making the distinction that our cattle are 100% grass fed AND finished. Where conventional cattle is grazed for the majority of its life and then put on a grain feedlot to fatten it up (often called finishing) – the labelling surrounding this is somewhat murky so claims of “Grass Fed” and “Pasture Raised” – without substantiation, may be spurious. Cannings’ Beef is all grass, all the way. A lot of research has gone into determining the differences between grain/feedlot beef and grass fed beef. Grass fed beef has a higher concentration of Omega 3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid – compounds that are essential to immunity and nerve health and also not super abundant in the modern diet. Feedlotting, even for a few weeks, will undo this string of nutrients and drastically change the health effects of the meat. Here the adage “you get out what you put in” rings true. Cattle fed a natural wholesome diet will yield natural wholesome meat. Conversely, those fed a homogeneous low-nutrient diet will yield homogeneous low-nutrient meat. Grass feeding isn’t just a lifestyle, it fundamentally changes the makeup of the meat.

The fact of the matter is that a stress-free life and an all grass diet results in a superior meat that can’t be faked. We let our beef speak for itself.