Grass Fed Lamb

Cannings sources grass fed lamb from the finest pastures of Victoria, Southern NSW, Tasmania and Eastern South Australia, we go where the grass is at its greenest.

Drawing from a hand-picked network of farms across and surrounding Victoria, Cannings follows the seasons to source lamb that is consistent year-round. The Southern Murray-Darling Basin is fertile country where some of the world’s best lamb is produced. We pick lamb from reputable suppliers that is entirely free range, 100% grass-fed and free from growth-promoting hormones and antibiotics. Feeding on grasses and thickets of clover and lucerne these lambs are free to wander the pastures for their whole life-cycle.

Cannings works closely with its suppliers to cultivate lasting relationships with farmers to foster consistently high standards of production. From natural salt-of-the-earth farming, and an emphasis on animal welfare – up the supply chain to handling and food safety. A combination of attentiveness, knowledge and care by the farmers and pristine grasslands mean the animals live comfortable lives on green pastures with an abundance of space and food. The result is unparalleled consistency of texture and flavour – like having spring lamb, all year round.


Our chosen lamb farmers have developed Merino cross-breeds that give their flock the best traits of their forbears – strong frames, healthy weight gain and enough wool to keep them warm in the cooler months. This also makes for beautifully balanced flavour.