Leadoux Turkey

These are the real deal. Genuine free range turkey from Bairnsdale, Victoria. Leadoux Turkeys, a family run business, overlooking the Gippsland Lakes which was started as a hobby in 1982, with 100 Turkeys.

Leadoux Turkeys is a family run business that started with just 100 turkeys back in 1982. Located just north of Bairnsdale in East Gippsland Vic, Leadoux is still operated by its founders John and Judy Leadoux. The business is bigger these days but still small compared to large commercial enterprises. The farms is still run in that way that’s its reputation is founded upon.

The turkeys are reared under heat until approximately 6 weeks of age when they are allowed free access to the outdoors where they can roam across 21 acres of sandy Gippsland countryside. The birds are processed onsite at the farm’s own processing plant to save them being unnecessarily carted around.

This turkey meat is succulent, high in protein and low in fat and makes for delicious rolls, buffes and minces.