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Sustainable Seafood

Cannings strives to source its seafood from only the most sustainability-minded suppliers in Australia & New Zealand. It’s no secret that seafood is a dwindling resource so we only choose species and production methods approved by the Australian Marine Conservation Society’s Sustainability guide.


We get asked a lot about our our fresh Salmon. Yes it is farmed, just across the Tasman Sea in New Zealand's  Marlborough Sounds, but we think that Ora King is what every fish farm should strive to be like. 

Ora King specialises in pedigree King, or “Chinook” salmon - the bloodlines of which have been ushered to perfection through attentive husbandry since 1994. By selectively breeding and encouraging the more desirable traits and weeding out imperfections, Ora King have become renowned world-over with Chefs as a consistently high-performing product that fulfills the most discerning diners - including in Japan where the quality of seafood needs to be high to be saleable.


Situated in The Marlborough Sounds on the Northern tip of New Zealand’s South Island - Ora King’s facilities take full advantage of the dramatically jagged coastline of the surrounding fjordland that is fed by funnelling ocean currents that keep the water clean, cool and well oxygenated. Constantly bombarded by Antarctic waters.

Ora King have worked in concert with Local Councils, the NZ government and consulting environmental bodies to conduct their operations with as little impact as possible on the surrounding wilderness.


Closer to the equator, in Queensland’s pristine Whitsundays is Coral Coast Barramundi.  Coral Coast channel a constant flow of fresh sea-water about a kilometre inland to their plant so they can farm their fish in a controlled environment without compromising on the quality of their conditions. The other reason for farming them like this is to minimise the impact on the delicate ecosystems of The Whitsundays’, coves and estuaries. The farms are fully equipped with a HACCP Certified processing plant on site, helping to minimise handling as much as possible. From there the fish are transported overnight to markets so they never have to be frozen. Coral Coast’s Barramundi have clean, semi-transparent flesh which turns a pure white when cooked.

The rest of our seafood products are brought to us by our long-time fishmongers Red Coral. Red Coral have been in the business long enough to see how the tides change. They know which populations can be harvested and which should be allowed to replenish. They source locally fished ocean fish and river fish along with molluscs and crustaceans – and can get it to us at the drop of a hat. Nothing fresher!

We also stock a limited amount of premium import product in the form of genuine wild caught Sockeye Salmon, Black Cod and Halibut from the waters of Alaska and Canada. These fish really have no substitute.

Australian, market fresh seafood delivered everyday. Responsibly sourced and purchased to ensure minimal environmental impact. Quality, freshness, locality and sustainability are key when we source our seafood.