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We reckon there is nothing better for dinner right now than a good ol’ fashion snag on the BBQ. At Cannings, our range of sausages are made with 100% free range meat, so you can rest assured knowing your snags are made from the highest quality chicken, lamb, pork or beef.

Cannings Free Range Sausages CuttingThe sausage making process starts with the meat, typically shoulder or belly due to their perfect ratio of 80% lean meat to 20% fat, less fat than the commercial average. The type of fat that goes into our sausages is important too, as the fat from these areas is less likely to liquefy, resulting in a juicer snag.

Cannings Free Range Sausages MincingOnce minced, we add our flavours and spices to the mince. While some butchers add up to 20% water to their sausages ours are made without it, resulting in a firmer sausage that won’t shrink on the BBQ. Each of our 8 different flavour combinations have been lovingly developed over the last 5 years, and each have developed their own cult following.

Cannings_001_Main_4_StuffingAfter mincing the meat a second time, the mix is then transferred to the filling machine where it is stuffed into casings and tied. We only use natural hog casings, rather than typical collagen casings, as we believe they are less chewy and less likely to split when cooked.

Cannings Free Range Sausages HangingOur sausages are then hung for a full 24 hours to allow the spices to integrate and any excess moisture to drain out, before being sold to you fresh, not frozen. Only our paleo sausage are sold from our freezer section due to their short shelf life.

For best results, we like to cook our sausages on the BBQ in tallow (beef fat). Cook for 3-4 minutes either side on the hot plate until the juices begin to appear, then finish off for a further 3-4 minutes either side on the grill to achieve that perfect, smokey flavour. We like to serve them with mash, but a great salad works too. Check out this month’s recipe for an awesome Asian-inspired salad that works perfectly with our Chicken Sausages with Coconut and Coriander.