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  • 3 x Pork & Sage Involitini

    $29.90 + Quick Add
  • 6 x French Toulouse Sausages

    $12.00 + Quick Add
  • 6 x English Pork Sausages

    $9.00 + Quick Add
  • 6 x Pork and Fennel Sausages

    $12.00 + Quick Add
  • 6 x Spicy Pork Sausages

    $12.00 + Quick Add
  • 10 x Beef and Pork Chipolata Sausages

    $10.00 + Quick Add
  • 2 x Pork Cutlet Chops

    $17.00 + Quick Add
  • 2x Citrus and Herb Crusted Pork Cutlets

    $18.00 + Quick Add
  • Pork Eye Fillet – 400gm

    $12.90 + Quick Add
  • Pork Belly

    $31.90$62.90 + Quick Add
  • Pulling Pork Shoulder Bone In

    $49.90$89.50 + Quick Add
  • Pork Scotch Fillet/Neck – 1.5kg

    $33.90 + Quick Add
  • Sweet and Sticky Pork Back Ribs

    $15.00$60.00 + Quick Add
  • Pork Rack

    $25.00$68.00 + Quick Add
  • Free Range Pork Mince

    $5.00$20.00 + Quick Add
  • Sausage Roll – Pork and Fennel

    $9.90 + Quick Add

Free Range Pork from Borrowdale

Canning’s free range pork is sourced from a single family owned farm on Queensland’s fertile Darling Down’s region. The farm provides the perfect stress free environment where the pigs can roam and wallow. Feeding on dense pasture on this 10,000-acre space makes Borrowdale pigs some of the happiest in Australia.

Premium Free Range Pork Melbourne

Due to the high ethical standards of Borrowdale, you can be assured that Canning’s will help you rediscover what it means to eat real pork again. Free from any nasty additives, you and your family will be eating some of the finest free range pork that Australia has to offer. Feel free to browse our extensive range of premium pork below. Healthy and nutritious Canning’s free range pork is now only a click away.