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  • Lamb Cutlets

    Lamb Cutlets

    $36.00$49.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Backstraps

    2x Lamb Backstrap – 400g

    $25.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Loin Chops

    5x Lamb Midloin Chops – 800g

    $28.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Chump Chops

    5x Lamb Chump Chops – 900g

    $32.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Shanks

    4x Lamb Shanks – 1.2kg

    $28.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Riblets

    Lamb Riblets – 750g

    $17.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Shoulder (Diced)

    $22.00$80.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Rack

    Lamb Rack – 500g

    $36.00 + Quick Add
  • Bone In Lamb Shoulder

    Lamb Shoulder (Bone-In) – 2.0kg

    $44.00 + Quick Add
  • Boneless Lamb Shoulder

    Lamb Shoulder (Boneless) – 1.5kg

    $50.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Bone In Leg

    Lamb Leg (Bone-In) – 2.3kg

    $48.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Leg Boneless

    Lamb Leg (Boneless) – 1.2kg

    $40.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Butterfly Leg Greek

    Lamb Leg (Butterflied) – 1kg

    $32.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Noisette

    Lamb Noisette – 600g

    $28.00 + Quick Add
  • 2x Lamb Marrow Bones

    $3.90 + Quick Add
  • lamb kidneys

    8x Lamb Kidneys (Frozen)

    $6.40 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Liver – 500g (Frozen)

    $4.00 + Quick Add
  • Lamb Skewers

    $22.80$39.60 + Quick Add

Premium Grass Fed Lamb Melbourne

Canning’s is proud to partner with Great Southern to offer Melbourne some of the best grass fed lamb our country has to offer. As a result, our free range lamb is tender, juicy and full of natural flavour that will stimulate the senses and provide a highly nutritional meal for you and your family. And, like all Canning’s products, our grass fed lamb is free from any additives or growth promotants. Feel free to browse our extensive range of premium cuts below.

Free Range Lamb Delivered to Your Door

Simply place your order through our secure online store, where we can arrange a pickup in store or a delivery to your door. Our refrigerated vans will ensure your grass fed lamb is fresh and ready to be prepared by the time you get home.