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  • 2 x Tasmanian Farmed Salmon Steaks

    $18.00 + Quick Add
  • 2 x Barramundi Steaks

    $17.00 $13.60 + Quick Add
  • 2 x Lemon Herb Salmon Steaks

    $16.00 + Quick Add
  • Salt and Pepper Squid

    $7.00$25.00 + Quick Add
  • Herb Crusted Flathead Fillets

    $27.50$110.00 + Quick Add
  • Garlic & Parsley Aussie Prawn Cutlets

    $18.00$72.00 + Quick Add
  • 1kg Banana Prawn Cutlets

    $72.00 + Quick Add
  • Wild Caught Canadian Black Cod – 120gm

    $13.90 + Quick Add
  • Wild Caught Canadian Sockeye Salmon – 150gm

    $12.40 + Quick Add
  • Harris Smokehouse Smoked Salmon – 100g

    $8.90 + Quick Add

Our Sustainable Seafood Is Market Fresh & Locally Sourced

Sourced from local fisherman, Cannings sustainable seafood is delivered fresh every day. When we purchase we ensure that the methods used minimise environmental impact, including highly sustainable fishing practices so we have high quality, fresh seafood now, and for generations to come.

High Quality Seafood Delivered in Melbourne, Mornington & Geelong

Our online store makes it easy for you to buy market fresh seafood and avoid the queue. You can either pick-up from one of our stores, or we can deliver to your home. Delicious high quality seafood in Melbourne, Mornington and Geelong is only a click away.