Herb Crusted Chicken Patties


Home made with lean chicken mince, sage, thyme and parsley. Undeniably delicious. These hand made patties will come to you wrapped on a foam tray with a shelf life of approximately 3 days. Do not freeze. Our chicken is certified free range, antibiotic and growth hormone free. Farmed under high-welfare conditions in Bendigo, Victoria. Contains Gluten.

5-10 mins  |  Grill/BBQPan Fry

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Press flat by hand then hot pan fry or BBQ with butter or olive oil for three mins each side.


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Rice flour, salt, sugar, mineral salts (450, 452), yeast extract, spices, preservative (223), maltodextrin, garlic, parsley, cereals, cereal flours (wheat, rye, soy, barley), yeast, vegetable oil, emulsifiers (481, 471, 472e), vitamins (thiamine, folic acid). Allergens: Wheat. Garlic. Soy.

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