6x French Toulouse Sausages


A delicious blend of Bacon, White Wine and Herbs on a pork base. These sausages are sold in packs of six and will be a minimum of 550g. They come to you wrapped in deli paper with a minimum shelf life of 4 days. All of our sausages contain the finest, free range meats available and are made at our Kew store using natural hog casings. They all contain the perfect ratio of meat to fat (80:20 respectively). There's nothing quite like a good snaga! GLUTEN FREE

5-10 mins  |  Grill/BBQPan Fry

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Pan fry or BBQ until they appear to be evenly brown and sizzly. Around about 10 minutes.


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Free range pork, pears, sage, cinnamon, white pepper, nutmeg, rice flour, salt, sugar, mineral salts 450, 452, yeast extract, spices, preservative 223, maltodextrin

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