8 x Paleo Sausages


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These sausages are sold in packs of eight and will be a minimum of 600g. They come to you on a foam tray, frozen, with a minimum shelf life of 60 days. These sausages are preservative free, grain free, sugar free, artificial additive free. GLUTEN FREE.

5-10 mins  |  Grill/BBQPan Fry

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Pan fry or BBQ until they appear to be evenly brown and sizzly. Around about 10 minutes. It's best to slightly under-cook the paleo sausages. Because they have no fillers, the more they are cooked, the more fat is released from them. If you over cook them, they will be dry. Still yummy, but dry.


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Grass fed beef, salt, pepper, rosemary, nutmeg

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