Wild Caught Canadian Sockeye Salmon – 150gm


**Even if you want to collect in store we recommend purchasing online and selecting "Pickup" as you delivery option. This way we can ensure you don't miss out.** This Salmon comes to you frozen all the way from the pristine waters of Canada. Your salmon steak will be minimum of 150g and come in a vacuum sealed bag with a shelf life of approximately 60 days when kept in your freezer. Premium quality, wild caught Sockeye Salmon from Canada. The best salmon in the world.

5-10 mins  |  Grill/BBQPan Fry

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Medium hot BBQ. Melt tallow or butter on cooking surface. Place salmon skin side up and fry for about five minutes before flipping to skin side down. Then fry for further four minutes before gently opening up one piece and assessing the doneness of the salmon. Serve with Pinot Noir.


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Clean wild caught fish from their natural environment.

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