Yapunyah Meadow Chicken – 2.1kg (Frozen)


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A true meadow raised, slow grown, hand reared chicken. These chickens forage among fresh grass everyday, thanks to a rotational grazing system. Happy chookies, raised to a standard beyond free range! Minimum 2.1kg chicken. These birds are big! We are now freezing them to keep them in stock, this chicken will come to you with approximately 60 days shelf life when kept in your freezer.

60-120 mins  |  Bake/Roast

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Great for roasting or Coq Au Vin. Pair with Chardonnay. Please note: As Yapunyah is a small company, we are only able to receive 1 shipment a week - this means we are freezing the chickens to keep them in the best condition for you.


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Clean, antibiotic and growth hormone free meat from healthy, happy and well looked after animals.

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