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4x Veal Schnitzels

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In stock | 600g * | Fast cooking time * Additional options are available

Tender veal backstrap, sliced thin, ready for quick pan frying. These schnitzels will be a minimum of 600g.

They will come to you in a sealed bag with approximately 3 days shelf life when kept in your refrigerator. Allow 200 - 300g of meat per adult.

Hot pan with lots of butter for 1 minute each side. It’s always best to cook schnitzels LESS rather than more.

Our veal is ethically raised to six months old. Most veal your see is from one - two week old calves, who still feed from their mothers. Taking these young calves away from their mothers at such a young age is sheer cruelty. Please, never buy white veal!

Clean, antibiotic and growth hormone free meat from healthy, happy and well looked after animals.


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