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We sat down with Smudge Eats magazine to discuss modern, ethical butchery.

“Being a fierce animal lover, it wasn’t always about butchery for Sam, when he was younger he wanted to be a vet and was a vegetarian for some time. But life intervened and after completing a butcher’s apprenticeship in 2002 at a Hampton Butcher Shop, Sam took a break from the work that came to him so naturally.

He went travelling and it was while working abroad that he realised his passion for butchery was definitely there. He had 10 years experience under his belt and confidence in his skill, but a strong desire to do things his own way. He knew the industry was missing a focus on animal welfare and wanted to fix that. With his all-or-nothing personality and positive attitude, he opened Cannings Free Range Butchers in 2010.

Sam said, “For my business, going free range was always the only option. We have refined a lot of things, definitely, and the business model has evolved but the same idea is present now as it was in the beginning: we provide high quality animal welfare and free-range produce.”

Of course, the strong emphasis on animal welfare is Cannings’ biggest point of difference. Sam and the team put immense effort to source all their produce mindfully. Cannings knows that their customers understand that quality and cost of produce go hand-in-hand.

Like most old-school butchers, Cannings was founded on the principles of great customer service and great meat. But these days you need more than that to prosper. Alongside classic cuts of meat in the pristine stores, you’ll find an array of marinated products, sausage rolls, precooked meals, pies, smoked hams, bacon and seafood.”

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