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5c from every Veggie Burger Sold goes to RSPCA Victoria.

We’ve always had immense admiration and respect for what the RSPCA do day-in, day-out.

The Victorian arm of Australia’s biggest Animal Welfare advocacy group, RSPCA Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation who fight to preserve animal welfare in all it’s forms. This daunting and often thankless task relies on volunteer work, and community contributions for over 90% of their funding.

A big part of what RSPCA Vic do – especially in urban areas like Melbourne – is to rescue and rehabilitate domesticated animals who, due to abandonment, failure of care, or cruelty, are in desperate need of a new home.


Many of these animals require speciality veterinary care including surgeries, micro-chipping, vaccinations and de-sexing. The RSPCA truly are professionals when it comes to rehabilitating these animals and nursing them back to health. All these things cost money and are essential if an animal is to have any chance of finding a foster home. 

The next step of the process is finding these foster homes – places where they’ll have the best chance of a good life. The organisation pours thousands of hours and loads of resources into their adoption schemes – aimed at re-homing their animals. The results of which, are often adorable.

We love the RSPCA so we pledged to donate 5c from every one of our Veggie Burgers sold, across our 5 stores to their re-homing initiatives. The Veggie Burgers have something of a cult following and if you haven’t tried them – now might be the time – they’re a worthy addition to any BBQ and a great meat alternative.

It’s a small contribution but the money and awareness it raises are important to the growth of what the RSPCA call their ‘four pillars’; – Sustain, Protect, Rehabilitate, & Influence.Veggie-Burger5c

Images courtesy of RSPCA Victoria.

More info on how to adopt and donate can be found here & here.