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The prestigious Cannings School of Butchery is back! 

Providing a unique chance to learn what happens behind the scenes at a Free Range Butcher shop, the Cannings School of Butchery offers a range of one-off evening classes to satisfy your curiosity. If you want to hone your knife skills or just watch a master-butcher demonstrate the craft – our classes offer insight, and leave you with a new appreciation for meat and where it comes from.

Read about Sam’s rationale for starting the School of Butchery here.

Any queries regarding the Cannings School of Butchery email: [email protected]

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Featured classes.

Festive Masterclass – TICKETS AVAILABLE

For this festive season, Sam and our butchers will run a special class for those who want to get ready for the holidays! We recommend this class if you’re wanting to cater a Thanksgiving, do trial cooks prior to Christmas – or just be SUPER prepared for Christmas by freezing what you’ve made (imagine having Christmas dinner sorted a month in advance!). Details.

Cannings Apprentice – TICKETS AVAILABLE

In this class we offer you the practical skills you can use daily in your own kitchen. From our selection of basic but essential butchery skills you’ll learn how to de-bone a whole chicken, make your way around a leg of lamb and master the art of cutting and tying a pork roast. These skills are ideal for impressing dinner guests. Details.

Sausage Making Class – TICKETS AVAILABLE

We start with a demonstration of breaking down a whole Free Range Pig and you’ll help bone-out shoulders –  learning what goes into making the perfect sausage. Our butchers will demonstrate which cuts of pork are best for sausages and why, and then you’ll select your meat and fresh ingredients to make your own unique style of pork sausage. We’ll show you how to mince, mix and pump your sausage mix into skins and tie them – the old fashioned way! Details.

Lamb Masterclass – TICKETS AVAILABLE

Take a tour of a free range lamb carcass and learn the story behind the cuts you know. Our butchers will go in-depth into the background and provenance of Cannings free range lamb as you learn anatomy and how to cut the carcass down into roasts, chops and fillets all under the expert guidance and supervision of our master butchers. Details. 

Pork Masterclass – NO DATES AVAILABLE

Pork is not for everybody but once you understand it, you will love it. Working on one of our majestic Borrowdale free range pigs you’ll learn where bacon comes from and the difference between back ribs and spare ribs. Our master butchers will guide you through, step-by-step as you break the pig down to its familiar chops and roasting pieces. Details.

A Glimpse Into Butchery (demonstration only) – NO DATES AVAILABLE

Don’t want to get hands on? Join us for an in-depth demonstration with one of our best butchers, with more than 20 years in the business. You will observe the dexterity required to break a side of Cape Grim beef down to its constituent cuts. Onlookers will have the chance to sample the final product with a great selection of wines. Details.