If you love to cook and eat lamb, this class is definitely for you.

Learn secrets from behind the butcher’s bench about how to make the most out of this beautiful beast. Our butchers will take you on a tour of a free range lamb carcass as you learn the story behind the cuts you know. You’ll delve into the background and provenance of Cannings’ free range lamb whilst learning anatomy and how to cut the carcass down into roasts, chops and fillets – all under the expert guidance and supervision of our Master Butchers.

You’ll also get advice on how best to cook each cut of lamb from the butchers themselves.

You’ll get:

  • A Victorinox boning knife
  • A shoulder or leg of lamb that you’ve prepared that night
  • A stubby holder and a jute bag for shopping
  • Wine tasting after the class
  • 15% off any additional meat purchased on the night


  • Location: Cannings Kew (16 Woodford Ave, Kew, 3101)
  • Time: 7pm to 10pm
  • Number of attendees: approx 6 persons per class
  • Price: $440 per person

*Each of our classes once-off commitments. You don’t need prior experience to pursue any of our classes (aside from domestic knife familiarity). Classes are managed by two or three (depending of the number of attendants) of our best butchers, they will assist everyone in the class and make sure it is a safe and comfortable learning environment. We want each of our students to feel confidant and comfortable and most importantly not rushed!

Attendees must be 16 years of age or older.

All the cuts used in any of our classes are retail grade, premium free range meats, no hormones or antibiotics. It is our wish that these classes will give you a new appreciation and respect for meat.

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